Atlanta Ad Club - meeting 1/20

Hey there blog readers. Long time no write. Still busy with my new life.

Anyway, did head out to the Atlanta Ad Club's Marketers Round Table with a handful of co-workers last night. Have to say that I was a) impressed with their lineup b) impressed with their choice of venue (East Andrew's) and c) impressed with the quality of the panel that spoke. So yay for the Atlanta Ad Club.

Speakers included:
Kevin Smith, CMO at Rollins (Orkin Pest Control)
Andy Goldsmith, VP Creative Brand Strategy at The American Cancer Society
Eric Sjogren, Marketing Director at Georgia Pacific Paper Products, Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue
Craig Williams, SVP Marketing at Coca Cola
Terrie O'Hanlon, CMO at Manhattan Associates

They chatted a lot about the economy taking a nosedive and how it's an opportunity for those of us with healthy budgets to take advantage of our competition's absence. And there were some good bathroom tissue jokes. Overall, they seemed like they would be cool clients to have. They get it. Refreshing.

And this has nothing to do with the Atlanta Ad Club, but I saw these ads last week and had a good laugh.