Social Media Revolution

Great video. Puts all this stuff we do in perspective...


Art & Copy

Had a little outing last night (and stayed out past 10 on a school night! Whoa.) with the newly rejuvenated Ad Pack (Atlanta's younger ad club - same idea as Ad 2) to watch the advertising documentary, "Art & Copy."

We went to the Plaza Theatre over in the Highlands, which was very cool. I love those old theatres. Drapes, old-fashioned popcorn boxes and the prerequisite squeaky chairs really added to the theatre-going ambiance.

The film itself was...good? Maybe I'm too cynical or jaded or something, but it seemed to really glorify advertising. Which was the purpose I guess. And I love advertising, so I should have been drinking the Kool-Aid, right? But I wasn't. I guess I don't love it as much as I thought.

So besides my mixed feelings about the film as a whole, I absolutely loved hearing all the famous agency heads talking about advertising and touring their decked-out offices. It was so cool. I wish they had interviewed folks at hot agencies like CP+B and some smaller shops like Plaid. It seemed like they missed out on quite a few people that could have been very interesting. Oh well.

My vote - check it out. It was worth the $8.


How to Approach Bloggers

I won't promise that I am back because I hate to promise something I may or may not deliver on! But in the spirit of hope, I feel moderately inspired to write a lil something about my industry today.

Came across this wonderful post from Bakerella, a sweet (pun intended) blog about baking delicious treats. I have yet to actually bake anything from the blog. Rather, I just read and drool.

So Bakerella was invited, along with 50 other bloggers to come out to the corporate office of General Mills to get an insider look at the mega-baking company. They called it their, "Eat and Greet" (which is just too freakin' cute!).

Bakerella's account is absolutely wonderful. She took a ton of photos. They even got to go to the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens and take pictures with the various mascots. It seems like General Mills actually gets it! Such forward thinking from an old company. I'm super impressed.

And now the inevitable list of how to approach bloggers!

1. Find good bloggers.
You have to do your research. Bakerella is a great example. Not only is she an exceptional photographer (Look at the pics on her site. Beautiful food photography), but her blog is upbeat, entertaining, inspirational and personable.

2. Give them something.
Bakerella was flown to and put up in Minnesota for an experience that is unique. Who else will treat an amateur baker like a celebrity? Wait, let's put that another way. Who should treat their customers like celebrities? I will go out on a limb and say, "pretty much anyone with customers."

General Mills also gave their bloggers Flip Cameras. Why? So they could take good photos and post them to their blogs. Arm your bloggers with the tools they need to showcase your brand best!

3. Make it memorable.
Whatever you do - whether it is sending a sample, hosting a visit, or just communicating, give it cool factor. Corporate communications can suck so much, so make it fun. Even silly. Seriously. I mean, General Mills had the Pillsbury Dough Boy posing with their bloggers!

So there you go. Enjoy my infrequently occurring marketing genius ;)