Fast Food Wars

Fast Food companies are in a war. They are fighting to see who can sell their largest portion for the lowest price. No, they can't just lower their prices on all their food, but rather are courting the fat asses. Which makes total sense. Case in point:

1. Subway's $5 Footlong
I can barely finish my puny 6 inch, but feel guilted into purchasing this monster sandwich that is less than 50% higher cost than my little baby sammy. And oh yea, Jared wasn't eating footlongs, btw!

2. KFC's $4 Combo Box
This box costs $4 and includes a chicken entree, side, biscuit and a drink. The commercial copy sums it all up, "You are eating a la carte. I am eating a la smart!" Catchy, KFC.

3. Quizno's $4 Torpedo
The Torpedo is Quizno's answer to subway's footlong. And it's $1 less. But wait, there's a catch. At Subway, you can get ANY ("Any!") footlong for $5, but at Quizno's, there are only 5 Torpedo sandwichs to choose from for the $4 deal.

I'm sure there are more, but three is such a nice number and I'm tired. Goodnight Blogosphere!