The Power of FUN

It seems that many brands forget to have fun. It reminds me of my last post, where Miracle Whip very humorously responds to Steve Colbert of the Colbert Report. Who would expect a condiment to have such a funny response?

Believe it or not people, it is possible to have fun and still be "on-brand." Why are we so serious about advertising anyway? Or rather, dear client, why are you so serious about your brand? Let's just have some fun with it!

Case in point - see the video below. I love this. Look at all the people that stop being lazy and start taking the stairs.

Think about using FUN in your brand messaging. Or I don't know, making the buying process or purchasing environment FUN. Like these guys:

Hotel ZaZa "Houston" Guest Room

IPod Nano

Anthropologie Store


The Best Brand Reaction EVER

This one popped up on my twitter stream this morning:


An incredible piece of brand communication that I only wish my client would even entertain the notion of creating. How great must it be to work for Miracle Whip's marketing team? How truly refreshing would it be to get a call from a client where instead of bitching about editorial, they respond in a comical and fun way?

Miracle Whip, please hire me. Mayo sucks. Ok, I don't mean that. But still.