Michelle knows best

Alright, I know I'm only supposed to do the weekly reality show update (which is late, I know, but I have a good excuse), but I figured Michelle would give me a pass given the title of this post.

Michelle and I had a conversation a while ago discussing my career options, and my wanting to work for an ad. agency but not knowing what role I would fit in. I told her that, among other things, media planning wasn't for me. She got pissed (PISSED! a la Zac) and said that media planning was awesome, because you get to spend other people's money and haggle and get the best deal on media.

I told her that just wasn't for me because I feel bad asking for a better deal, etc.

Today, I bought a car.

My first purchase involving a substantial portion of my hard-earned money, financing, etc.

I am now of the opinion I would be an EXCELLENT media planner.

The car was already a really good deal. $12,290 for a 2005 Accord with 50K miles. Look it up, you won't find that price anywhere. If you do, don't tell me. It will devastate me.

Then, I successfully talked my final price down $3000 from what they were offering.

I'm waiting for the thing to fall apart. If 90 days passes and I am still driving my new car, I'm applying for a job in media planning.

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michelle marts said...

I'm usually right about things.

You bought an Accord! YES! Welcome to the Accord owners club. You did get a sweet deal. I think mine was $13...you little haggler, you. I see a very rewarding career in media buying in your future.