Airborne Couldn't Fight Off Lawsuit

I am thoroughly amazed at how much coverage this story is getting (and look, I'm writing about it!). Here's why:

1. Everyone knows honesty is the best policy. Duh. We've been taught this since we were 5 years old. Don't lie. Especially in your advertising. And especially when it has to do with something meant to go into people's bodies.
2. People say that advertising doesn't affect their purchase decisions. Ah-ha looks like it does!
3. Who actually thought that Airborne was anything more than vitamins? I mean, seriously? If it was so effective, don't you think your physician would have told you to take it? It's over the counter, people! Come on, let's be informed consumers. Read the package.
4. In a country where people sue over hot coffee, are any of us really surprised by this?

Oh, and there's no info about the lawsuit on the Airborne website. Nice. Way to pretend negative press doesn't exist.

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