Attack of the Faux Nomads

One of the industry's my agency has recently gotten a handle on is RV resorts. I love talking about it because it's *literally* the most random client I have ever worked on. Here in the media department, we've nicknamed these luxury RVers the 'Faux Nomads.' Here's the rundown:

Demo: Adults 50+ with incomes over $80K. Mostly white and college educated.

Psych: Love the outdoors, higher propensity to play golf, plan their trips multiple months and possibly years ahead, are bargain seekers, want to travel their way (and they love BK burgers as well), and are looking for ultimate concierge services.

The weird thing about these folks is that while they are traveling around the country, they are also purchasing lots in luxury RV resorts to park their homes on wheels. And these lots aren't cheap. Many go for over $150K! This is where we see the contradiction. Shouldn't RVs offer freedom, adventure, the ability to go anywhere at anytime? Why would you pay so much for a slab of concrete to park that thing? Then again, we figured out that it costs them $300+ in gas to fill up, so maybe parking that thing is a good idea...

Welcome to my pimped out motor coach. Yes, that is a built in garage for my Mercedes.

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