Orlando Commercials Show the Kid Inside

Again, these are way old (came out over a year ago) but still running. I love them. Too bad I can't dig up the media plan anywhere.

There are two ads that I've seen; one features a mother/daughter and the other features a father/son (from the same family - I notice shit like that). The spots are undeniably sweet, and not sappy at all. They just make me happy. The message is absolutely perfect and on target - families having a blast together...Orlando brigs out the kid in you...fun, exciting vacation...ta-da!

Some criticism I've read: they show too much Disney. Well...um...what else is there for the whole family to enjoy in Orlando? I mean, if you're going to go to such a tourist town, you may as well dive into the deep end!

Go here to see one of the spots. Ironically, you'll have to sit through an ad in order to watch it. Shame on the dude whose job it was to post it on YouTube! But kudos to 22Squared (formerly WestWayne) for a job well done.

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