Believe it or Not, I Don't Like Twitter

Twitter is all a-buzz. Everything I read is all about Twitter. I have Twitter - tried it out a while back. And I don't like it. In fact, I think it's really silly and I'm fairly certain no one cares about my "tweets." Here's why I'm not a fan:

1. I have a cool job and that's usually what I am doing (media director for an ad agency - now that's an interesting cocktail party convo. No I don't do creative, so please don't tell me about your awesome idea for a Budweiser ad). However, the most time-consuming tasks involved in doing my job are not that cool. Creating orders, researching, writing media plans, in and of themselves, are not exciting. Do I enjoy doing those tasks? Yes. But how interesting is a tweet that says, "researching newspaper circulation in the southeast." I'm sure all are waiting with bated breath for my next update: "send credit applications to radio stations." Whoa!

2. None of my face to face friends are on Twitter. My online friends are mostly marketing/advertising/media/advertising types. And they blog, so I get to read a more comprehensive, meaty version of what they are up to.

3. No time. Too busy. Too busy to read tweets or produce my own. I tried, truly. After all, I have to be up to date with these things (being a media person). But I would be really 'good' for a few days and then slack. Who wants an old tweet? And when does a tweet become old? It seems like I could be updating constantly.

With that said, I don't mean to imply that I hate Twitter. In the list of things I have to do, it just seems very unimportant for me to contribute. But participating is interesting because some people actually do very cool things every day. It just feels very small and invasive - like I'm spying on an exhibitionist. Weirds me out. But I'm gonna try it again since I've been hearing about it so much. Be on the lookout for mundane updates at mmarts.


Ben Kunz said...

Just for that, I'll have to follow your Tweets.

I personally find Twitter like tuning in to 20 radio stations at once. Some are too filled with static (Robert Scoble, god bless him, was so over-the-top I had to tune out). Yet others offer little snippets of wisdom. I love following Chris Brogan, who's almost a life coach on my cell phone.

Anyway, try avoiding mundane and instead toss out one microblog insight a day. Maybe you can learn to use Twitter for something other than "what you are doing." That's been working for me...

michelle marts said...

Now that someone is listening (or reading), I'll have to make it interesting! Pressure's on!