NBC, You Smart Network, You!

NBC announced about a week ago that they will be offering up new programming year-round as opposed to just during the fall. Cable networks currently do this (psych, come back to me!) and I think it's a good idea.

Why do networks only show new programming in the fall (and a few in Jan)? Well, one of my teachers mentioned the theory that people's television viewing vary by the weather. It's cold, therefore people stay inside and watch TV? Well, I live in Florida and stay inside quite a bit during the summer. Hello, 104 degrees!

Or is this a classic chicken before the egg? I don't watch TV during the summer because I'm not inside to watch it...or...I watch no TV during the summer because nothing is on?

Ok, someone find the answer! 'Cause I can't! I've been searching for about 30 min now and nothing. No support for this weather theory at all. Maybe my search terms are off. I'll keep looking, but I think NBC is on to something. If good shows are on during the summer, they will have an audience.

Oh James Roday, I miss you so.


Ben Kunz said...

I'm guessing way, way back in the 1950s when TV was born America followed a farming calendar ... and in the summer, a lot of people and children went outside to work in the fields (and were probably too wiped out to cuddle up in front of the TV). The main nets probably just kept those cycles. But I love your comment that TV programs should come out fresh all year round.

You'd think someone would have thought of this already -- to get a jump on the competition. Just as primaries keep moving forward, wouldn't one network want to leap out a month or so before another?

michelle marts said...

Thanks! Hadn't thought of the farming cycles.

It definitely makes sense for the networks to show new programming year-round when you think about competition - the "first mover advantage" would come into play (I'd assume).

I'm just jazzed that they will have good programming to buy all the time!