REAL[ITY] CHECK - 4/18/2008

A lot of reality shows are coming to a close now that the scripted shows are back. What does that mean for us, the general viewing public? Crazy reality show finale antics! Here they are (and some premieres too!):

  • On the Rock of Love finale, Ambre pulls a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, thus clinching the heart of Bret Michaels. Ambre's rival, Daisy, says Ambre is 80 years old and 500 years old and looks like a dinosaur. If Ambre is 500, what does that make Bret? 1200?
  • On the Real Housewives of NYC, in a conversation with the other housewives, Alex makes mention of plugging a vibrator in. Seriously?
  • One of the Flavorettes on Flavor of Love surprises Flav in bed with chicken and waffles. Yes, that's right. Chicken and waffles.
  • On the Viva Hollywood premiere, one of the male contestants (I wasn't paying close enough attention to know which one) says that his first sexual experience was at age nine. I guess molestation counts as a sexual experience...
  • And on the Real World Hollywood premiere, we meet seven of the most dillusionally full of themselves people in the world. The house is huge, but they're going to need a lot more room to house all that ego.

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