Ad Sales Reps, Beware!

I'll admit, I've done a few things I'm not proud of. I once hit my little sister in the mouth while she was eating rock candy. Tried to cut my own bangs. Kissed a boy I knew had a girlfriend.

And one time I hid under my desk from a sales rep that dropped by the office unannounced. Not my finest hour (And for the record, I'm a very nice media buyer and am more than happy to meet with sales people - I was just having a bad day).

But with this fun game from Intergi, I can take out my frustrations in a safe environment without having to show my co-workers just how unprofessional I can get!

Thanks, Adrants.

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miconian said...

Actually, the fact that you bothered to hide under the desk shows how nice you are. I would have just told him to go away.