New TV Network: Planet Green

I caught a sneak peak of some programming for the new cable television network, Planet Green. Loved it. Really. I watched a show called, Wa$ted, which finds a person, family, or couple that are being crazy wasteful, shows them how bad they are, puts it into a worldwide perspective ("your ecological footprint is the size of 49 acres! And you live in a 1300 sq ft apartment. AHH!" almost a direct quote from today's episode), tells them what to do to help fix their horrible lifestyle, challenges them to do so, and checks back 3 weeks later to see if they have mended their ways. Then, and this is the coolest part, they calculate how much money was saved, multiply that by one year and give it to them! The couple from today's episode received $3,000! Holy cow! Can you imagine? It was really neat to see how you can make small changes that really can save you money.

My only complaint was that this first couple was actually a little outrageous. I mean, they would leave the TV and lights on during the day so that the dog would be entertained. The dog. Tyler certainly does not have the luxury of catching up on all his soaps while I'm at work. So I would be interested to see how much someone like myself, who doesn't leave lights on, washes clothes with cold water, unplugs appliances, etc. would save. So be on the lookout for this new network - it is scheduled to premiere in June.

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