Trust Me, This Show is a Keeper

This is a week late (as is the creative on their current billboard on Peachtree St - nice one, btw) and I am watching Trust Me, a new show from TNT that is all about advertising (yay!).

The characters pack more witty banter in one minute than I could in a week. Thank God for well-written shows with rhetoric I aspire to dispense.

I have never worked for a behemoth agency like RGM represents, but the interoffice squabbling is fun to watch. Makes me happy to be at a small shop. And it is cool to see the writer-art director relationship from the inside.

And let me express my surprise and happiness that Eric McCormack brings no trace of Will. I absolutely loved Will and Grace, but he is now Mason. And Mason is a pretty cool CD.

This show is an exceptional addiction until Mad Men returns! I'm jazzed.

I love his ad-man glasses. Classic but still for the cool kids.

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