REAL[ITY] CHECK - 2/22/2008

The writers' strike is over, but scripted shows won't be back for another month or two, so for the time being, it's still all reality, all the time. Here are some of the highlights from this week:

  • The premiere of this season of America's Next Top Model was Wednesday. Completely Delusional Tyra inserted herself into this season's prep school theme as Prom Queen. Shocker.
  • Also on ANTM, they seem to have discovered the Chris Rock equivalent of the character Martin Lawrence played on his show Martin, Sheneneh, in Marvita.
  • Celebrity Rehab is wrapping up and everyone seems to be losing their sh*t.
  • One of the contestants on the Flavor of Love asks Flav to take care of her three kids in the event that something should happen to her on their skydiving date. Get in line kids! Flav's already got seven children. Six from accidents involving "parachutes" not operating properly. And by "parachute" I mean condom.
  • Only a Matter of Time: On the Project Runway reunion special, they named the fan favorite winner of $10,000. Christian won in the fiercest landslide in the history of fierceness. He's going to have his own show (the fiercest show in the history of fierceness). Duh.

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