Reunited and it Feels so Good

Had a visit with my co-author this weekend. We got to catch up, our matching cars met, we pretended to be tourists. H, it was a blast (notice the Gossip Girl-esque use of one letter to represent an entire person). And how cool is it that Florida is home to the Sponge Capitol of the World?

Other news:
1. AdAge has a good update on the status of our favorite prime shows. Go here to see when your favorites are coming back (no Prison Break until fall...single tear).

2. In February's issue of Media Magazine, Andrew Ettinger talks about how people have been conditionally trained, like Pavlov's dogs, to immediately change channels at a commercial break. This makes the first ad of the break the best. However, these sneaky networks are using that spot for their own programming and selling the second spot as the "first." Liars! That spot is worthless! Actually, it isn't worthless, but it's not ideal. And the networks aren't liars. But still.

Ettinger goes on to wonder if this will start to happen online. I think that's a terrible idea! Can you imagine sitting through multiple ads to watch a video? I don't see that one going over well with viewers. Yuck, blah. Don't do it. And buyers, don't let it happen!

3. Today was Oliver's birthday. He works at 3W Studios, Kidd Group's web division. He's older than I thought he was, which is a compliment because he looks way younger. I also learned that he was in a french hair band. Yes, its true.

4. Colleen found this site: Jesus of the Week. It posts pictures of Jesus, all in good fun of course. My favorite is Jesus in the rims.

Lastly, thanks to H for convincing me to pick up this lovely souvenir from Tarpon Springs. He's right at home in my guest bathroom.

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The Realest said...

Hee... except that you used my whole name before, but I appreciate the "cloak and dagger-ness" of it.