REAL[ITY] CHECK - 2/8/2008

I decided to boycott last week since Project Runway was a repeat. Here's the REAL[ITY] CHECK for this week... and last week:
  • Last week, Lyric, from The Bad Girls' Club, left the house. Good Riddance. She was the only one out of the entire house that hadn't really participated in the feud of monumental proportions.
  • Also last week, I was so happy to hear Patty, The Millionaire Matchmaker, call one of her clients' facial hair a "landing strip". Because, really, it is a patch of pubic hair on the man's face.
  • This week on Project Runway, Crybaby Ricky FINALLY got voted off. The real surprise here was that he didn't shed a single tear the entire episode. Apparently his tears were what gave him his magical staying power.
  • Crazypants Brooke, from The Gauntlet III, got kicked off. Is anyone really surprised by this? And after having known each other a week, (the most meaningful week of their lives, I'm sure) Crazypants Brooke and Crazypants Ev say a tearful (maybe that's where Ricky's tears went?) goodbye and proclaim their undying love for each other. Seriously? Seriously.
  • Celeb Rehab continues to be my new favorite guilty pleasure. It came out this week that Daniel Baldwin, whose wife is pregnant, had been sending inappropriate text messages to Mary Carey. Next week, Jeff Conway flips his sh*t on his girlfriend, for bringing alcohol into the facility with her. So exciting! Can't wait!
  • Only a matter of time: Heidi Montag, of The Hills, and her terrifying mitt hands will get their own reality show. Spencer will shoot it, natch. (Story.)

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