We Ran For The Cookies

Ran a 5k, that is. This one benefited the Girl Scouts, of which I was a badge-wearing member for many of my formative years. Some advice: Samoas are the best cookies. Period.

I noticed my race goodie bag contained a flyer for a local business. What a great way to reach runners - inserts in their race bags! Duh. Should have thought of it sooner! Would be perfect placement for New Balance, Saucony, Nike or other athletic gear. And so close to the customer, too. In addition, these races aren't just for really good runners. Runners of every level are involved, which even furthers my argument for this medium (I realize I am taking liberties by calling race goodie bags a medium). Anyway, that would be a really fun (if not labor-intensive) media buy for some big name athletic companies.

Running 3.1 miles for Girl Scout Cookies? They are totally worth it.

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The Realest said...

Oh, I beg to differ. Tagalongs are where it's at.