Award Shows: Why You Should Enter

I promise that I'm not being lazy - got an entire post-it full of future blog post topics. But for now, I've resurrected a post from a year ago and an old blog. I still believe it's useful since we're in award season.

from Jan 07...
Now, I realize that agencies devote entire teams and weeks to enter award contests and some people think that's a waste of time and money. I've read all about how these awards are silly and expensive and how bad it is to reward creative that may or may not make products sell, blah blah blah. I can understand these concerns, but here is my list of "why you should enter creative into competition:"

1. To make the agency feel good.
This is important. There is nothing wrong with applauding creativity and it may even inspire the creative team to continue putting out great stuff. Morale boosters help especially when an agency has lost accounts or is feeling less than stellar.

2. To show clients that the work is good.
Probably the best reason to enter work. Also the least self-absorbed. This will help convince your client to appreciate your work. It is simple added-value.

3. To make the clients feel good.
Happy clients are good clients. Now they can brag to their industry frenemies about how great their advertising is. And how great their agency is. Word of mouth is very powerful.

4. To show prospective clients the work is good.
Everyone wants to be "award-winning." An agency with a reputation for quality work will be hired over one without. For example, The Zimmerman Agency is the largest agency in my city. And big surprise, they always enter a TON of stuff in local competition.

5. To get inspired.
Surrounding yourself with creativity is likely to spark some. That should be reason enough.

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