Dude, Where's My Dub?!?

There are lots of weird terms/phrases that are uttered at an agency. Especially when media buying is concerned. And usually it's only during freak-out mode where you hear things like, "So where are the dubs? Are they being overnighted? 'Cause if they don't get there on time, our Monday spots won't run and we'll have to get makegoods and it will throw off the weekly GRP distribution." Weird, right? What does that even mean?

I think one of the most frustrating things about working for a smaller agency is that you are forced to be extremely resourceful. Obviously, resourcefulness is a valuable trait. But so is efficiency. This is why I get frustrated when I learn about technology that exists that does something - like ad distribution - in a way that is much more efficient than I have been doing it.

So my post today is an offering of wisdom about Catch Servers. Catch Servers are a magical technology I just learned about that delivers ad content to stations digitally. I knew this had to exist. I just didn't know what the deal was. DG Fast Channel (including Vyvx) and Media DVX/Pathfinder are companies that provide the service to advertising agencies to make their lives a little easier. So check out their sites and decide if it's something your agency could use. Please, benefit from my lack of knowledge!

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