The Curse of the Mind Babble

It's 10:30 and do you know where your child is? If you're my mom, then you'd assume that I was safely tucked into bed, sleeping like the little old lady I've become. But I'm not - I'm searching, reading, blogging, facebooking (yes, this is now a verb) and thinking. Thinking about tons of really important stuff.

This is the mind babble curse. About two months ago, we had a speaker come to our local adclub. I can't remember his name. Actually, his name was Bobby Appleton. Except it wasn't. The club printed the wrong name on the direct mail piece and that's the one I remember with freak-like precision.

Anyway, sorry for the "this guy talked and it was like, so cool" moment. He was an art director from Fallon (ooohh aahhh) and a lot of his talk was about how to quiet the mind babble and unleash creativity. Right now I just want to sleep.

So what did he recommend? I don't remember...I think it had to do with yogo, meditating and drinking excessively. Personally, I tend to exercise, clean or organize. Which I did today to no avail. Any suggestions?

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