Pedal to the Metal

Do you ever have those moments where you think, "I have to seriously kick it in gear or I'm screwed?!"

I had one of those moments in my marathon statistics class today as my professor was explaining when to run a Cramers V test to measure corrrelation. I realized that I will have to teach myself a semesters worth of graduate level statistics before the final next week. I also realized that not only do I have to learn stats, but I have to make a nearly perfect score to maintain my low B. In addition, I am pitching new business, finishing up a decent sized local buy, and am waiting for approval on a media plan that will likely come right in the middle of everything and right before all the deadlines. I sometimes think my clients have a sixth sense.

So I wanted to write in advance - you won't see too many posts in the next week. There's just too much going on. So see ya in a week. Hopefully, I'll still be able to move!

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