Bill Imada Speaks to Tally Ad Club

This past Friday, Tallahassee's ad club convinced another top notch agency powerhouse to pay us a visit. Bill Imada, one of Advertising Age's Big Tent bloggers and chairman of IW Group, Inc came to give us a talk about how to increase biz during a slow economy. His talk was interesting because he told all these incredible stories about the creative ways he's won new business. In one case, he took his own photos at a reception and managed to take the perfect shot of a potential client and an elected official - he got the call back when he sent them the photo!

He had a few other examples, but the main point seemed to be this (and I hope I don't misrepresent him): If you can demonstrate your ability to go above and beyond for your clients, you will win more of them. And of course, putting yourself in their shoes doesn't hurt either. In all his stories, he prevailed by putting the client first and going beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding service.

I think this is a great lesson/reminder to anyone in any kind of business. I won't even try to compare myself to Mr. Imada, but I will say that there have been a few times when I've written a letter of appreciation when a rep was extra helpful or sent a book or two to someone I thought would benefit from its contents. So I think his message is important and should be taken to heart!

Thanks, Mr. Imada - I enjoyed your talk and our brief conversation!


Jeff said...

I really liked the 7:50 club idea he talked about

cheng said...

Bill Imada is my mentor. He help college student out. He pay for my ticket to CA so I can attend C-100 meeting to meet more people.

Cheng Zhong
Wood bridge, CT

michelle marts said...

Jeff - I agree! what a cool concept. I'd love to be par tof something like that.

Cheng - I'm not at all surprised by that. He just seemed like the kind of person that would try to help out.

Craigslist Automatic Poster said...

Bill imada is stand up guy . I have chatted with him once and hands down , he is real genuine guy .